Protecting Father’s Rights

There are good fathers in the world. Whether you’re facing a divorce or combating its subsequent disagreements, the rights of fathers always stand against unfair cynicism. There are too many horror stories of kind-hearted and well-meaning men who have been wronged by the legal system due to false accusations or abuses that have gone unpunished. The sheer number of victimized fathers is too shameful to even imagine.

When your time comes to stand against these problems, it’s very easy to become just another victim of the legal system. If you stand against these problems with the aid and assistance of a Boston Father’s Rights Lawyer, you can beat the odds. Your lawyer will offer real, honest advice about your case and what you can realistically expect. You can receive information about precautions and actions you can take immediately to protect your rights and guard yourself from unjust behavior.

Knowledge is power and we will explain the nuances and technicalities of your case in a way anyone can understand. The law is complex, but we remove complications and jargon from your life. You deserve clarity, honesty and justice. We will get it for you. The Law Offices of Long Knight helps fathers take the strife and struggle out of their legal concerns, allowing them to spend their valuable time and attention with their families.

The Help You Need When You Need It

No matter what the circumstances of your case may be, we will defend your rights. We zealously argue for the rights of fathers, working to ensure they receive the best possible result. Our offices minimize time spent in the courts, so you can rest at ease. When the threat of false accusations is very present, the Law Offices of Long Knight are skilled in eliminating that threat, along with concerns of attack, abuse or other malicious behavior.

We have helped countless families, helping them come to positive agreements on issues of child custody, child support and other disagreements. Our offices hold the wide range of experience in family law that allows us to provide creative, time-tested solutions to real, complex and challenging problems. Where other law firms fail, we not only succeed, but exceed. Your rights are protected and your future is secure.

We offer FREE initial consultations. The threats that fathers face in the courts cannot be underestimated. To better serve you, we offer services at flexible, competitive fees and tailor them to fit your needs. Call us today.

The Law Offices of Long Knight are located at 222 Lewis Wharf, Boston, MA 02110. We can be reached at 617-276-7894.

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Family Law

We all enter relationships with the best intentions but sometimes they just don’t work after a while. Especially if children are involved, it is so important to try to make your marriage work, but if you and your spouse get to the point where that is not possible and a split is inevitable, there is a lot at stake - Custody, Support, Assets, and even your Mental Health. A Divorce is one of the most stressful situations you will ever have and it is crucial to have the right representation to get you through it all with the best possible result.
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